• P.M.V. and J.Y. conceived the study. P.W. performed the analyses, contributed to methods and interpretations of results, and wrote the first draft of the manuscript and supplementary materials. P.M.V., J.Y. and L.Y. provided supervision and contributed to analyses, and writing and revising the manuscript. M.E.G. contributed to supervision and analysis methods. D.J. and Z.Z. contributed to the analyses. C.A.L, R.D.H., S.T.M, C.C.L, K.E.N., L.A.L. and B.S.W. provided suggestions on the analyses and details of the phenotype data. L.A.C., A.H.S., B. MK., B.M.S., B.D.M., B.M.P., C.K., C.-T. L., C.M.A., D.R., D.I.C., D.D., D.M.L.-J., D.K.A., E.A.R., E.B., J.I.R., J.R.O., L.R.Y., M.A., M.A.A., M.-L.N.M., M.K.C., M.F., N.C., N.L.S., P.T.E., R.S.V., R.A.M., R.J.F.L., S.S.R., S.A.L., S.R.H., S.R., X.G. and Y.-D.I.C. provided phenotypic and/or WGS data through the TOPMed Consortium. All authors reviewed the manuscript, suggested revisions as needed and approved the final version. A full list of members and affiliations of the NHLBI TOPMed Consortium is available at https://topmed.nhlbi.nih.gov/topmed-banner-authorship.


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