Tyrannosaurus rex youngsters paddle through shallow ocean water near a sandy shore, their powerful legs working hard to make up for their disproportionately tiny arms. Long-necked sauropods nuzzle their heads together in affectionate mating displays. And packs of duck-billed dinosaurs raise dust clouds as they migrate across vast deserts. These and other scenes in the official trailer for “Prehistoric Planet,” a new documentary series from Apple TV+, offer a glimpse of dinosaurs and their Cretaceous neighbors, much in the way a nature documentary would feature dramatic moments in the lives of modern animals. 

Released on April 20, the trailer showcases stunning footage from around the world, combined with astonishingly realistic computer-generated imagery, to bring an assortment of Cretaceous creatures back to life — and to challenge what viewers thought they knew about these animals that once dominated ecosystems on every continent.


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