One of the decapitated skeletons from the newly discovered Roman town near Fleet Marston in Buckinghamshire.  (Image credit: HS2)

 While excavating a small Roman town, archaeologists were surprised to find 40 decapitated skeletons, which were liekly to have been executed criminals. Many of these decapitated individuals were buried in graves with their severed heads placed either between their legs or at their feet. 

Altogether, they discovered the remains of around 425 individuals within the ruins of the town, which is located near the village of Fleet Marston in Buckinghamshire, England. The researchers found the site while investigating the route ahead of the construction of an upcoming high-speed railway called HS2. In addition to the burials, the team uncovered around 1,200 coins, as well as pottery, cutlery, gaming dice, bells and lead weights. The researchers think the town was most likely a trading center for the local area, according to an HS2 statement


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