Four lightning bolts struck the launch pad of the ‘Mega Moon rocket’ during tests on April 2 at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The rocket, part of the Artemis I mission to deliver humans to the moon, is the world’s most powerful and stands at 322 feet (98 meters) tall.

Three of the strikes, which zapped tower two, were low intensity, NASA said in a statement. The fourth, a higher intensity bolt, struck tower one. At the time, the Orion spacecraft (where the crew will sit) and Space Launch System (the giant rocket) were powered up on Launch Pad 39B, during a so-called wet dress rehearsal. That dress rehearsal stopped on Sunday (April 3) due to an issue with two fans that are “needed to provide positive pressure to the enclosed areas within the mobile launcher and keep out hazardous gases,” NASA said in another statement.


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