When an Anglo-Saxon ship burial was unearthed at Sutton Hoo in summer 1939, two photographers were on hand to record the thrilling excavations. Now, after 80 years, their unique images have been digitized and published online. 

Sutton Hoo, in east England, contains 18 burial mounds, dating to around the seventh century A.D. Most of the mounds were looted by treasure-seekers centuries ago, but in 1939, archaeologists excavated the largest mound and found an undisturbed burial site containing the remnants of an 89-foot-long (27 meters) ship, as well as a sword, armor and objects crafted from gold, garnet and silver. The finds revealed a wealth of information on Anglo-Saxon culture and burial rituals, and they are considered among the most famous archaeological discoveries ever made in the United Kingdom.


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