• L.J.H., M.G.N., T.T.M., Y.C., J.B.P., J.F.W., J.L.H., S.L., M.C.S., D.A.L., N.G.M., A.H., K.H., C.J.W., B.O.Å., P.D.K., J.K., S.E.M., D.J.B., P.T., D.M.E., G.D.S., C.H., B.M.B., G.H. and N.M.D. were closely involved in conceptualizing and designing the study. J.K., K.P.H., E.M.T.D., S.M.K., H.C., J.F.W., E.J.C.D., R.P., J.A.S., P.A.P., S.L.R.K., S.L., J.L.H., M.C.S., K.C., N.M.D., S.E.M., N.G.M., B.M.B., R.G.W., I.Y.M., K.L., K.H., C.J.W., C.R.B., A.E.J., D.P., C.H. and A.C. were involved in data and funding acquisition. L.J.H. developed the GitHub GWAS pipeline with support from G.H. and N.M.D. and programming code from G.H. and P.T. (via SSGAC). C.H. kindly beta tested the GWAS pipeline and suggested improvements. Other analysts (listed below) also made major contributions to the GWAS pipeline. L.J.H., S.G., A.F.H., H.R., C.H., Y.C., G.C., R.A., P.A.L., T.P., M.D.V.Z., R.C., M.M., Y.W., S.L., L.K., S.M.R., L.F.B., C.A.R., M.N., J.V.B., A.G. and E.A.W. performed GWAS analyses in individual cohorts with the support and guidance of N.M.D., G.H., B.M.B., R.G.W., I.Y.M., K.L., S.O., A.E.J., S.E.M., J.K., M.G.N., M.B., J.B.P., S.H., J.L.H., J.F.W., J.A.S., P.A.P., S.L.R.K., K.C., M.C.K. and J.J.L. L.J.H. performed meta-analyses and all downstream analyses with the meta-analysis data. L.J.H. drafted the first version of the manuscript. M.G.N., T.T.M., B.O.Å., P.D.K., J.K., S.E.M., R.G.W., D.J.B., P.T., D.M.E., G.D.S., C.H., B.M.B., G.H. and N.M.D. played a key role in interpreting the results, planning additional analyses and revising the manuscript. All authors contributed to and critically reviewed the manuscript.


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